Acupuncture is as extremely effective treatment for joint pain, sciatica, headaches, gastric pain – in fact – pain caused by many different conditions. The needles are placed in Acupuncture points along a network of Meridian lines to balance and harmonise the body.

Manifestations of ill health arise through an imbalance of these channels. Diagnosis comes about through observation of the tongue, feeling the pulse, and careful questioning.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

With the use of Gold needles placed gently in the face, stimulation is given to the collagen under the skin and wrinkles are relaxed. This treatment revitalises the face and gives a youthful expression.

Aromatherapy - Remedial Massage

Kim is known for her treating chronic back pain with massage – combined with Acupuncture – to achieve the best effect, which together with the use of essential oils can also greatly reduce stress and everyday anxieties.


This is a therapy that works on the feet, using pressure points which can diagnose a patient’s health. Through these reflexes, pain and congestion can be relieved in the various organs of the body, particularly the glandular and endocrine systems.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

This can work with Acupuncture to balance the patient’s internal health, i.e. painful headaches, gastric reflux, painful periods, dizziness, etc.

Treatment details:

Treatments are given according to individual needs.

Appointments can be made through Kim’s direct mobile line – 07590 509219, or text or email address – [email protected]

Kim treats every day at Pineapple and requires a same day cancellation fee.