We are now in Spring now!!

It is one of the most treacherous times of the year for health issues. It is so strange as after Winter we long for Spring and, in our minds, Spring is warm breezes, flowers budding, bird song, lighter evenings, a heightened feeling in our bodies as we throw off the gloom of Winter.
However, is it like that? Could it be – like this year: Cold!! Wintery winds!! Heating on!! Sneezing!! Still wearing scarves!!

As we see the lighter evenings, even the sun occasionally, we imagine that the weather is warmer. We see the weather with our eyes not with our skin. The old expression ‘Don’t cast a clout till May is out’ still holds true. Often it is wondered if it is May the month or May the blossom -either way it is still around May!!

So not to shed too much of our Winter attire, maybe yes the heavy winter coat can go but the secret is to dress in layers so can take off or add on depending.
It is treacherous also because Spring is the time of the liver which in Chinese Medicine means the wellbeing of the tendons of the body.
When I trained in China they said lookout for the season of Spring because you will see more conditions in the body concerning ‘Facial Paralysis’ -‘Sciatica’ – ‘Stroke Victims’ to name but a few and blow me they were right.

I can honestly say I hear of more people having strokes this time of year and in my own practice I have more liver-related conditions including sciatca being one of the main.
So keep warm and dress in layers.

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