The Chinese are such an ‘Ancient Civilisation’, they have an innate knowledge in all aspects of health and using sound for health is just one factor.

The Chinese use the Pentatonic Scale to make their music, which is using all the black notes when looking at a keyboard.
F# G# A# C# and D#

F# is called Gong, this would be to help the Digestive System and would be of a Mediating Nature. It would be used to give a sense of calm and given to the frightened patient.

G# known as Shang will help the Lungs! This would have a clearing nature and help with the fractious and anxious.

A# is known as Jiao -this would help the Liver. The Liver always needs soothing and this is the action of Jiao. Giving comfort and relaxation -used really to dispel Anger. It will be noticed that there is a correlation with all of these emotions related to the internal organs, as stated in previous blog posts.

C# is Zhi. Zhi can help the Heart. This sound has an invigorating nature and gives a sense of excitement. Very good sound for treating someone with depression.

D# is known as Yu. Yu is good for the Kidneys. This note has a melancholic nature and used to act as a sedative. Very good for insomnia, or any agitation, also that caused by sorrow or heart palpitations.

I think we have not as yet discovered the healing aspects of sound.

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