I do enjoy the different wines that go with different foods and how both can be enhanced. However there are some people who are quite happy with a glass of water or a cup of tea! Each to their own in this instance, but as a therapist I have seen the evidence of people on drugs and it is very insidious.

It creeps up on people,similar to stalkers or very jealous people who want to destroy and take you over! It is to my mind and from what I have seen one of the most lethal methods of supposedly relaxation activity because drugs affect our etheric body.

What is the ‘etheric’ body?

If you look up information concerning the subject, it will tell you the etheric body is an aura or a connecting shield between our physical body and our higher more spiritual body. Drugs can interfere with this subtle body resulting in the person experiencing a change in behaviour, this change of behaviour can take over, with it being very difficult for the person to return to their normal selves.
I used to know a wonderful elderly man, I used to visit him and we became very good friends. We used to chat about everything and I remember particularly at one time talking about this very subject. He said ‘Taking drugs is like opening your window on a sunny day and making jam sandwiches!! Anything will fly in – flies, wasps etc‘.
I’ve thought about this often since working as a therapist and seeing the evidence of this behaviour change -almost as if someone else had literally flown into that person.

Be careful, we all need to be careful of substances and even alcohol to a certain extent if drunk to excess! They can alter our etheric bodies!!!

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