One last thought on ‘Losing Weight’ – This is really an after thought – but good to consider!

The internal working of the body needs to function like clockwork -literally! Your Lifestyle pattern and daily routine needs to be of a fairly regular order to achieve this. I shall come to Lifestyle later but just wanted to add this point here.
The manifestations of the internal workings can show themselves in very obvious ways, for example having a bowel movement daily, having a good appetite, sleeping well and soundly, feeling of an equitable mood, neither feeling too hot nor too cold. All of these and more need to run without thinking about them. Why then, do so many people have to stop and think ‘Did I go to the loo this morning?‘, ‘Why couldn’t I sleep?‘, ‘Why have I got a headache?‘, ‘Why do I feel so full after eating?‘.

In a perfect state we really want to be like Plato and Aristotle, people of higher thought who wondered what the hell we’re all doing here and why, rather than asking why am I constipated!

If one keeps to a certain order in life, hopefully the internal organs function in a regular way and one’s thoughts can attain a higher level.

All of this shall be mentioned again in further blog posts.

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